Exposition of the book of Revelation

The book of Revelation looks very complicated for many Christians to read and understand, the perception of its complication and difficulty have even sometimes put some of the church leaders off handling its teaching.

The belief of its difficulty has made the book 'untouchable' for many Christians, as compared with other books in the bible, therefore, with this perceived difficulty in mind, we have decided to dedicate half part of the year to study the book to dispel the myth surrounding its difficulty.
The book of Revelation is the 'only book' in the bible that gives its readers a vivid explanation of current happenings of the world, and helps believers not to be anxious over any hardship being experienced.
It also gives a picture of the future life of the world when Christ would take over the governing system of the world.
This is a book that was promised God's blessings for those who read and live according to its prophetic contents, in view of this, we are inviting those interested to contact us by our website, or any of our social media platforms to get in touch and study with us.

God bless